The goods for the Guinea pigs
Guinea pigs – the animals are quite not fastidious. However, this does not mean that they do not need the care and love of their owners. They are very unusual…

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How to choose a pet?
At some point you decide to have a pet. It is wonderful when at home you are met by a pet. But how to make the right choice? Who better…

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Dog for home security
Security at home is a serious task, and, despite the emergence of new security systems, many are not in a hurry to replace a dog "smart" electronic devices. The choice…

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How to choose a pet?

At some point you decide to have a pet. It is wonderful when at home you are met by a pet. But how to make the right choice? Who better to have as a pet?

Independent stately representative of the cat family, or an active dog, wagging its tail merrily at the sight of you. Maybe you are fond of exoticism and enticing you tropical iguanas. furry lemurs Laurie. the flower bears kinkajou and similar exotic “curios”?

The choice of a pet

Currently there are so many options that it’s really difficult to make a choice. Today we will try to consider the pros and cons of several species of animals.

Choosing dog

The dog will approach people active and strong-willed. Since dogs need to devote time for walks and training. There are so many different breeds that it is difficult to unambiguously determine the purchase of the puppy.

In order you could choose the suitable breed is important to clearly realize for what purposes you acquire the dog.

If your dream is a sofa dog, you’ll like a tiny Chihuahua. Yorkshire Terrier or fluffy the Pomeranian. They are easier to contain in urban apartments with small size. Continue reading

Cat breeds

Nature often gives breeders surprises, here and there appear signs of unusual mutation in cats, one of which is asserttest.

So on the shores of lake Ontario, were found in cats with almost no hair. This trait is inherited in generations, so in 1960-e years in Canada were made the first attempts at breeding Sphynx. However, further work was continued by breeders in the USA. Read more ”

Bengal breed was obtained by mating a domestic cat with a wild animal of the cat family. As a result, the horizontal nature of the marks in turbirovanie the colors is significantly different from traditional patterns. The primary building colour is patchy, brown spots on a light red background (sorrel) or black spots on a background of mahogany (mink).

Exotic breed appeared in the 1960-ies in the United States, when work began on the removal of the Persian breed chocolate color. Crossing the Persian breed with the Burmese unfortunately did not give the desired result in color. However, kittens, similar penobeton on the cubs was of great interest, so the program was continued, so breeders have created an exotic breed of cats. Continue reading

Dog training, agility training, education and skills
Each owner will want to have well-mannered dog. which should be able to behave in society, clearly, and correctly execute the commands, but do not lose their individuality. Parenting is…


Pets improve social skills in children with autism
A new study shows that children with autism, in which house live Pets (dog, cat, rabbit or other pet), have better social skills than the children in the house which…