Russian club German shepherd
Now is a fierce debate between proponents of natural food and dry food supporters. And those, and others give good examples from their own experience and good examples from the…

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Pets improve social skills in children with autism
A new study shows that children with autism, in which house live Pets (dog, cat, rabbit or other pet), have better social skills than the children in the house which…

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The goods for the Guinea pigs
Guinea pigs – the animals are quite not fastidious. However, this does not mean that they do not need the care and love of their owners. They are very unusual…

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Especially dangerous infectious animal diseases – diseases for which characterized by the presence of a specific pathogen, the development cycle, the ability to transmit from infected animal to healthy and take nature of the epidemic.

The wide spread of epizootic process occurs in three forms: sporadic incidence, epidemic, pantote.

Sporidia is the low intensity of the epizootic process is a single or infrequent instances of infectious disease, usually unrelated single source of pathogen infections.

Epizootic – widespread contagious diseases of animals on the farm, district, region, country, characterized by common source of the pathogen, the lesion simultaneity, periodicity, and seasonality. Represents the average degree of intensity (tension) of the epizootic process.

Pansooti the higher the degree of development of the epidemic, it is characterized by an unusually broad spread of infectious disease, covering one state, several countries, the mainland. In recent years examples of such are pansooti bird flu, an intestinal infection of unknown etiology. So, when mass krupnoporistogo disease of cattle spongiform encephalitis in England had to take emergency measures to prevent the infection spread on the European continent: hundreds of thousands of animals were destroyed, the country suffered huge losses, running into billions of dollars. Continue reading

Cat breeds

Nature often gives breeders surprises, here and there appear signs of unusual mutation in cats, one of which is asserttest.

So on the shores of lake Ontario, were found in cats with almost no hair. This trait is inherited in generations, so in 1960-e years in Canada were made the first attempts at breeding Sphynx. However, further work was continued by breeders in the USA. Read more ”

Bengal breed was obtained by mating a domestic cat with a wild animal of the cat family. As a result, the horizontal nature of the marks in turbirovanie the colors is significantly different from traditional patterns. The primary building colour is patchy, brown spots on a light red background (sorrel) or black spots on a background of mahogany (mink).

Exotic breed appeared in the 1960-ies in the United States, when work began on the removal of the Persian breed chocolate color. Crossing the Persian breed with the Burmese unfortunately did not give the desired result in color. However, kittens, similar penobeton on the cubs was of great interest, so the program was continued, so breeders have created an exotic breed of cats. Continue reading

Unusual Pets: the most amazing Pets

The desire to have a pet common in almost all people. But if the majority gets cats, dogs or hamsters, some in the apartments has unusual Pets. Sometimes these Pets – a tribute to fashion, sometimes the desire to stand out, and sometimes a sign of non-standard preferences of the owners. And although the care for these animals can be difficult, many people prefer to make this exotic Pets.

As Pets raccoons often give birth in America, where these animals are widely distributed. Charming Bumpkin with a touching expression of a muzzle and prehensile fingers conquered many hearts. Raccoons are exceptionally intelligent creatures, and they are interesting to talk. In addition, they are soft and fluffy – qualities that many believe almost main for Pets. Raccoons are easily accustomed to the tray and undemanding to food.

The intelligence of raccoons, however, sometimes owners don’t like. These animals love to Unscrew everything that falls into the hands of them. And rinsing various objects in the water is a true vocation raccoon. So that the pranksters need to be watched. If to hurt the raccoon, he behaves like a cat, that is revenge. For example, cuts off the Wallpaper on the walls. And raccoons can bite and behave inappropriately, poetului not to make them, if in the house there are children.

Charming little piggies. Fashion mini some miniature pigs to doghill arose a couple of decades ago, and sing this day these small animals very popular. Pigs are very intelligent, affectionate, they become accustomed to humans. Continue reading

Amphibians, reptiles, exotic animals
This section is devoted to amphibians, reptiles and exotic Pets . In our enlightened age Pets lovers of exotic fauna are often a variety of reptiles (reptiles) and amphibians (amphibians).…


What you need to know about winter care for Pets
Winter was raided recently, but suddenly and with abundant snow and frost. How to properly care for a pet and what you need to know, not to hurt the pet…