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Children and Pets: comply with safety rules

About the benefits of Pets for child development said a lot. But many parents still are not in a hurry to get Pets because they fear that they can harm the health of children. Really what kind of trouble can trap kids and how to make a life together of family and Pets comfortable and safe?

As far as animal diseases are dangerous for people?

Problem number one is, of course, allergies. However, to get rid of the animal after learning about the pregnancy not necessary — no one can predict whether she will develop in the newborn. But also specifically to adopt a puppy or kitten during pregnancy is not worth it — better to wait with this until the baby is at least two to three years.

Allergy is not only on the animal’s coat, but also in the epithelium, saliva or urine. Thus, do not assume that smooth-haired cat or dog can be hypoallergenic — this is not so. The only animals that do not cause allergies, are considered reptiles and aquarium fish. And here’s food for them can also be allergenic.

If parents have a suspicion that the baby may have an allergic reaction to pet, better to spend specialneedadvisors. Some clinics can test for a specific cat or dog — however, such service is not available in all cities.

Prevention of Allergy is a healthy microclimate in the house and regular wet cleaning. For pet produce lower levels of allergens is to regularly bathe and comb.

Fleas, ticks and worms is not a life partner

Surprisingly, still some people believe that dogs, and cats are definitely infected with parasites. Of course, the pet can easily get infected by them. Moreover, the Association of the presence of fleas and worms is the most direct: fleas can carry them. But just to prevent helminth infection, there are many special means, which necessarily gives to little puppies or kittens, and then on a quarterly basis — be an adult.

To deal with fleas even easier — in the sale is a lot of shampoos, collars, sprays and drops that are a few months. First, you need to get rid of fleas if they are around, and then to give the animal an anthelmintic drug.

You need to keep in mind that worms and fleas can be not only cats and dogs but also small rodents. Fluffy rabbit or Guinea pig will also need proper maintenance, however, they need to buy the appropriate kind of animal medicines. If you do not know what medicine to buy for deworming, consult your veterinarian.

A more acute problem with Ixodes ticks — the dog or the cat can catch them even with a simple walk in the grass. Animals do not suffer from encephalitis, but they have their own diseases — piroplasmosis (dogs) and hemobartonella (in cats). For men, these diseases are not dangerous, but for animals in the absence of treatment, likely to be fatal. In the period of activity of ticks (from spring to late autumn) it is necessary to regularly treat the animals with special preparations and to check the coat after a walk.

Harmful animal diseases to humans?

Of course, many diseases Pets can be dangerous for people. Therefore, an animal is required to do preventive vaccination.

Rabies. All dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies. Cases of rabies in domestic animals is extremely rare, so if a child bitten by a dog, which has a current vaccination, don’t panic. If vaccination is not produced, the animals will be monitored by the vets for 10 days. By the bite of a dog or cat you should immediately clean the wound under a strong head of water and treat it with antiseptic.

Leptospirosis. Another mandatory dog vaccination should become the vaccine against leptospirosis is a dangerous disease transmitted to humans. It transfer and rodents, so the dog can get infected, just caught the mouse.

Toxoplasmosis, chlamydiosis and salmonellosis. These diseases also can be transmitted from domestic animals, including rodents. Poultry can be infected with the last two from the list of diseases.

Dermatomycosis. Many fungal infections can be transmitted from animals to people, if they have reduced immunity.

But the cat and dog flu and viral enteritis people do not get sick. Accordingly, we are not able to infect their animal viral disease.

Regular inspection of the veterinarian, vaccinations and preventive health care for animals reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.

Injuries and bites

But the injury in children when dealing with Pets — the phenomenon, alas, very frequent. The safety rule here is: never leave small children and Pets alone. A large dog may knock over a child, just brushing his tail. A cat can scratch, if the child comes in contact with it. Kids and pet allergies: what to do?

Dogs and cats quickly get used to the fact that the house has a new family member, but you cannot allow them to jump on the crib or the stroller. Animals are driven by simple curiosity, and not aggression, but even the jumps are dangerous for the baby.

When the baby gets older, you need to explain to him the rules of conduct with animals: in any case not to pick up the food from the bowl, do not pull the hair and not to beat your pet. Then there will be the precipitating factors that can lead to trouble. Of course, children should not be ironed without permission other people’s animals because they may not be as good-natured.

Setting the stage for a pet, parents must understand that the responsibility for the animal’s health, and thus for the health of children who play with him — rests on their shoulders.

Guinea pig
Guinea pigs native to the Peruvian Andes. They were first domesticated by the Incas more 3 thousand years ago,raise them for food and even now in Peru have bred them…


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