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How and what to feed a puppy 1, 2, 3 months?

Little puppy in the house is not only a source of joy and emotion, but also certain troubles related to his development, education, and, of course, feeding. Because of the power of the calf, as we understand, will depend on his health in the future. How to feed a puppy? How many times a day he should eat? What to feed newborn puppies? Let’s try to understand all this.

Does the diet of puppies on their breed

Before talking about how to properly feed puppies, let’s find out whether the diet of the puppy with his pedigree. So the question many novice dog owners, because dogs are so different in size that the pocket meter and Chihuahua dog can seem animals of all kinds. It is easy to imagine that puppies of these breeds will differ in size and, therefore, their power will be different. In feeding newborn puppies the fundamental difference, of course, but older puppies will need to feed differently. But this time we will not consider the power of puppies depending on the breed, and tell you the basic rules of feeding newborn puppies and cubs up to three months.

How and what to feed newborn puppies

The best food for puppies-medienanalyse mother’s milk. But if for some reason the cub left without a mother or her milk, then you will have to nurse the puppy. He has a very well developed sucking reflex, and therefore breastfeeding problems you have should arise. Puppies can suck out of the bottle, dropper and syringe without a needle. Get ready for that first week puppies suck every 2 hours round the knocks. Gradually, to three weeks of life the power can be reduced to 6-7 times.

Don’t know what to feed a puppy? There is nothing complicated. The first 15 days of life calves should be fed a canine milk substitute or special mixtures. If such power is not, then the baby to drink goat’s milk can. which in composition is similar to that of a dog. In milk you can add one whipped egg. From birth, start to give your puppy 20 ml of milk, gradually increasing the amount of 80-100 ml at each feed. Unlike little kittens. puppies rarely overeat themselves and spit out the nipple was full. To three weeks the puppies can be fed a thin gruel. Start with 40-50 grams and gradually increase to 250 g per day. At the same time the dogs need to be given water.

What to feed a puppy 1 month

There is nothing easier how to feed a newborn puppy who drinks from the bottle the mixture and no more requests. This is not the case with puppy monthly. How to feed a grown dog? What does he eat? Now, the puppy diet will contain many foods. In milk except for raw eggs, you can add a bit of white bread. Month old doggie let’s low-fat cottage cheese – 20 grams per day. And of course, our predators need meat (beef). You need to give it quite a bit. Start with a half teaspoon a day and increase this portion twice every day. What to feed a puppy in 1 month is impossible, so is the fish, it will be included in the diet of the dog later. Cooked vegetables month old baby need daily. Cook them and RUB in puree. Start him with 50 g, each time increasing the portion of 150 grams per day. Month baby feeding no more than 5 times a day, and at night the baby should now sleep at least 6 hours.

What to feed 1.5 month puppy

We now know what to feed month puppies, and what power requires a 10-week cubs? Kids at this age are well suited cow’s milk, so you can dilute it with goat or give separately. The puppy will be useful of porridge – rice, semolina and oat. From this age the pups can raw sea fish. River it is better to boil, because it can be worms. Talk to your vet about calcium supplements and vitamin D, perhaps the puppy will require a course of vitamins to strengthen bones. The number of feedings can be reduced to 3-4 times, but then the portions need to increase.

What to feed a puppy 2 months

During this period, babies are not getting breast milk and passes on to “adult” food. This age is characterized by early rapid growth, so the puppies need more energy. What to feed 2 month old puppy? In their diet is introduced more meat, and now not in the form of meat and cuts. With two months the dogs are allowed low-fat broth, as well as new cereals – wheat, oatmeal, buckwheat.

What to feed a puppy in 2 months? Fermented milk products – kefir, fermented baked milk, cream (20%), yogurt. Ask experienced breeders, which contain the same dog breed as you have. Perhaps it will be possible to diversify the diet of puppy food Goodies such as berries, nuts and honey. And of course, don’t forget about vegetables. Two month puppy you can eat one small tomato is an excellent prevention of Tartar.

How to feed a puppy 3 months

The mode of feeding calves three months consists of 3-4 feedings a day. Start the day with cottage cheese thinned with sour cream or cream, and cereal. In the afternoon feed the puppy meat or eggs and vegetables, and in the evening you can give your baby fish. In three months you can connect fruit and dried berries. Don’t forget to give the bread, it can crush into the broth or in liquid vegetable puree. By the way, if the puppy will give up vegetables, add a bit of boiled meat.

What to feed puppies not

These products is not so much about them but you have to know, not to spoil your pet health. Puppies should not be fed raw river fish, cheese, chicken meat, sausage, bones. Do not give to puppies and smoked pickles, and roast beef or pork. In any case, do not feed your pet chocolates, cakes and other such sweets. Knowing how to feed the puppy and observing all the rules, you will be able to grow out healthy and strong dog, but also greatly extend the life of your pet.

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