Pet rodents and small mammals
This section is dedicated to our little Pets - domestic rodents and small mammals . The most common domestic rodents are hamsters, manual rats and mice, Guinea pigs, ferrets, gophers,…

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Veterinary products for rodents
Rodents, small and very cute Pets also can suffer from various types of diseases. For the proper treatment and rehabilitation will need to buy quality veterinary medicines. You should pay…

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The care of Pets.
Before you decide to get in my apartment "pet", you should realize the fact that in the first place you start is not for entertainment. After all, you have to…

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Pets and children

“D domashnie animals definitely bring joy to the home, teach children to be kind, but everything in it on one condition, explains a child psychologist. – If parents are properly treat animals. none of the animals does not automatically become “good” pet”.

The study, during which studied the effect of Pets on children from three to six years, provided a lot of evidence of how they are developing social sensitivity and communication skills. We have even highlighted the influence on the index of intellectual development — the doctors say. But animals are comrades really help to develop a sense of responsibility. In addition, they help children become less self-centered. Because for productive interaction feedback is required, and the animals can provide. If the cat does not like the way a child holds her, she will run away. So the animals themselves explain to the children how to handle them. This allows the child to understand the point of view of another.

Pet ownership is a huge additional responsibility. And the child, especially if he’s only three or four years, can only partially take care of. Younger children can feed the pet, spend time with him, to hold him in her arms and try to play with him. But you hardly want to your trehletnyaya scrubbed out of the cage litter.

When you choose a pet, pay attention to whether the animal is right for your child. When it comes to very young children, you need an animal that behaves exactly, and preferably an adult. With a puppy, leaping and scampering around the house, the three year old can’t handle. And not because the puppy must have a bad personality, but simply because he is very mobile. And the more Mature the animal well enough to communicate with a small child.

The child can talk to animals, even if it he not too well developed. Well and the fact that animals almost always are at the disposal of all family members. They are attentive listeners, they love you and will not let linger on the spot.

Pets make a huge emotional support. If you have a problem, they can sympathize. If no one in this day does not show you his love, the animals will make up for it with a vengeance.

Tips for choosing a pet

1. To make a decision about whether to have a pet, should the family. Then you have to find out a little more about a selected pet’s habits and care for them to understand are you ready to sculpt on such a responsibility. If the fundamental decision is made, we review the literature about this species.

2. Now you should decide whether you want to adopt a puppy, kitten, ‘Bunny, or some other kid or is it better to choose to have an adult cat. After all, babies require very intensive care. Pros kids that they are very touching. And cons that raise them — not an easy job.

3. If you want to get a dog, select a breed with cautious temperament, not nervous and excitable. Even if you are crazy about Pongo and Purdy, the Dalmatian is not the best choice. In any case, you will have to thoroughly study all the features of the selected dog breed. If you have selected a specific breed, you can go to the clubs of breeders. If pedigree is not important to you, is to have a dog. These dogs are less likely genetic disorders, and nature is rarely nervous.

4. If you prefer cats, consider the possibility to take as an adult. For small children safer from the cats claws removed. The American humane society is opposed to the removal of the claws, but in animal shelters certainly there are those cats. (If you’re a cat, this does not mean that you approve of removing the claws of cats, you just save the life of this cat.)

5. Birds are very fragile creatures. They are not very much caress. This is especially true of small birds, which the kids love. Bigger birds, such as Ara Macao, very beautiful and make the house fun, but can klevitsa and painful to sciatica. If you get a bird, you will have to monitor the temperature of the air — they often do not tolerate drafts. During a thunderstorm, the bird may be having a heart attack. In addition, they can be quite a lot of dirt.

6. Rabbits are very popular, but require very careful maintenance. They love to be held, and will sit only if you get attached to you. The neck and back, rabbits are very fragile. Rabbits clean themselves like cats, but they don’t know how to burp wool, so once a week they need to remove hair from your stomach, otherwise they will die. They can be trained to poop in a box of sand and raise wonderful Pets, Pets the whole family.

7. A longtime favorite of children and adults, Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, gerbils and mice. Rats are just adorable! They require very little maintenance, easy to please. They usually do not bite, unlike hamsters and Guinea pigs. Rats are very smart, they get cleaned and take care of its purity. They live long, they have completely different characters and become full members of the family. All these animals are much more active at night than during the day.

8. Snakes are not the best Pets for small children. They usually become attached to just one person.

9. Some turtles are endangered and protected by law, so to buy them, you will need a permit. Sale of small turtles, such as we had in childhood, are no longer permitted by law: they are often carriers of infection. Lizards and iguanas are to be handled with care, for small children not suitable.

10. Whatever pet you may have bought, especially if it’s not a dog or a cat, you should immediately find a veterinarian. If you give a sick animal to just die, you should think about how you will tell your children about it. The child may flicker a thought, what if he gets sick or starts to inconvenience you, and you’ll get rid of him. Many studies have found a pattern: people who in the childhood didn’t love animals, most often found themselves in the dock. It is important to remember that, setting the stage for a pet, the family not only becomes the object of affection and imposes certain commitments, but also teaches children some very important life lessons: what is self esteem, what it means to share with others and take care of it.

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