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A pet for a child

Most adults believe that pet for a child is just a toy that will soon get bored. Oddly enough, but mom and dad are not always right. Pet active and mobile. Playing with it more varied and interesting than playing with dolls or toy cars, closed and deprived of parental attention to children they replace friends. And Pets grow and change with our children.

The role of animals in children’s lives

According to research conducted by scientists the University of Warwick, the animals fall within the top 10 most important living components among children 6-8 years. The interviewed children argue their choice by the fact that Pets are welcome there are no conflicts, they are good “conversationalists” and reliable friends. This proves a great affection that can occur between child and pet.

Many are denied the pleasure to have a puppy, kitten or hamster, assuring herself that the child just izluchaet the poor animal. In fact, adopting a pet as a family member, we show an example of the correct care and use of animals and develop a sense of responsibility and compassion.

Daring to have livestock, many are faced with a choice: who, after all, to buy? If you buy an animal for a child, guided by his temperament. For hyperactive children would suit puppy or kitten. For introverts rabbits, pigs or hamsters. But with seraphimblade be bored. For temperamental and hot-tempered kids suitable fish, because no one else so calms the nervous system, how they.

The influence of animals on the personality development of the child

Pet is the primary source of knowledge about nature. For example, fish can learn colors, distinction and behavior.

Sensory. Touching the animal, the child through the senses perceives the shape, color, size, softness of wool, movement and more.

Logic. Observing the behavior of animals, children build up for themselves a logical sequence. For example, a dog serves as on hind legs – asking for treats. Or kitten lurking around the corner –so to hunt, I’ll jump. And so on.

As a result of contact with the animal develops curiosity, imagination, observation, attention.

For a child a pet is a source of positive emotions, joy and experiences. In short, all that sometimes is lacking in everyday life.

Daily observing the natural beauty of the animal, the child develops a sense of beauty.

Carefully and thoughtfully addressing a pet, the child develops the basis for spiritual culture.

Communication with animals encourages children to creatively Express themselves: drawing, playing with clay, or write stories or poems.

Watching how the adults caring for animals, children copy their actions: feed, clean the cage, carded. These are the elementary skills to care for the animals.

Games with animals in the house and in the fresh air promotes good health of the child: it is Jogging or swimming with the dog, or actively playing with the cat or the rabbit.

Who and when should get

Child 3-4 years. At this age, children completed the formation of personality, so it is important to provide him with a source of positive emotions. It can be fish, rabbits, Guinea pigs or birds. But don’t forget to take care of them until you have: at this age children are able to observe or play with the animal. It is important to present the animal to the child to tell about his habits, what he likes to eat, what likes to play. Some time never leave baby alone with your pet: children do not always control their emotions and strength. Gradually introduce your to the care of animals.

Child 5-6 years. In this age, the child to buy fish, rabbit, hamster, rat, Guinea pig or birds. Now you need to instill in your child the skills of animal care: under the supervision of an adult be allowed to clean the aquarium, wash feeders and waterers. Systematic involvement in this event helps children develop independence and responsibility.

Child 7-8 years. In this age you can already have a kitten or puppy. But primary care will remain on the shoulders of adults. Now their own children can take care of smaller, whimsical Pets: fish, birds or rodents. If conditions allow, make a few animals. This will benefit the development of the child.

Before you have a pet…

Deciding to have a pet, pick a family meeting. All family members must agree with this decision. In fact the main concerns for care will fall on the shoulders of adults, although children tend to convince parents otherwise. Moreover, this additional expenditure on the maintenance of the animal: food, treatment, care.

An important role is played by housing. In a Studio apartment, sometimes even a small hamster can be superfluous, but in a private house with a large yard and garden, you can even have several Pets.

If at least one of the items in question, do not start the animal. Otherwise, sooner or later one has to give, and this is a big blow to the psyche of the child.

Danger to the child related to animals

Primarily a danger to the health of the child is allergic. So make sure in advance whether there was an allergic reactions when in contact with animals.

Rodents, cats and dogs are carriers of infection. So you have to carefully monitor the child’s relationship with the family pet.

Physical danger only occurs when the aggressive behavior of animals. Do not forget that the child does not always counts the forces and the sign are not all the possible/impossible. Pulling the tail or ears, taking food and other seemingly innocent pranks can ruffle the animal.

Correct pet, and carefully weighed all the “pros” and “cons” will help you raise your child in a kind and responsible man.

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