Dog training, agility training, education and skills
Each owner will want to have well-mannered dog. which should be able to behave in society, clearly, and correctly execute the commands, but do not lose their individuality. Parenting is…

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Snakes as Pets
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Dog training, agility training, education and skills
Each owner will want to have well-mannered dog. which should be able to behave in society, clearly, and correctly execute the commands, but do not lose their individuality. Parenting is…

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Pets are our friends and healers

Communication with our smaller brethren brings us lots of positive emotions. Today a huge number of city dwellers living in a fast pace and under constant stress, often have Pets. It turns out that four-legged friends not only bring joy, but also beneficial to our health!

Researches of the foreign scientists found that owners of cats, dogs, parrots live on 4-5 years longer than other people. Pets can ease any disease and some to heal completely. For several years, actively developing in the world of “animal-assisted therapy” – the science of the treatment of animals. In the United States and Europe were opened special clinics where treatment is carried out fluffy doctor. Animaloterapiya work in nursing homes, children’s hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and even the U.S. army, and in the UK pharmacies sold “medicinal” white cats.

How Pets affect us? Special studies have shown that in humans, petting an animal reduces heart rate and pressure, the tension release shortened muscles, there comes a General relaxation of muscles, improves digestion. It turns out that cats and dogs are bioenergetics. They clearly distinguish the negative energy that comes from the patient’s body. Fluffy psychic accurately locates the sore spot, pressed against him, warm murlychet. According to the results of another study, in a room where there are Pets, much less bacteria!

Physician for humans can be any four-legged friend, regardless of the appearance and breed. The main thing – that you loved him and cared about him. Then in response to your love he will reward you many times over.

Dogs calm, relax tension, and help against heart attacks, pressure surges, headaches, hepatic colic, relieve pain syndromes sciatica and neuralgia, cure of inflammatory processes. Indispensable for various skin diseases: they even trophic ulcers. Dogs save their owners during seizures. Sensing the approach of an attack, they expose themselves falling under the host, so it does not hit the floor or furniture. The presence of dogs significantly reduces the duration of the attack and the likelihood of dangerous consequences.

Psychologists believe that a dog is expressing his devotion to his master, renders him unconditional and invaluable emotional support, which even exceeds the strength of support of a loved one. If you are doing important work – whether the writing of the diploma, the repair of an apartment or a job search – having a dog will help you cope with the task and save power.

Treatment with dogs is a valuable form of psychotherapy, promoting return of the patient in the real world. Science confirms the important role of nonverbal communication with the dog – eye contact, touch, facial expressions, gestures. Due to this overseas use dogs in psychiatric clinics for the treatment of patients with disorders of communication, non-communication, completely self-absorbed, and in the treatment of deaf patients.

Cats are “registered” for hypertension, rheumatism, myocardial infarction, insomnia, gastric ulcer, gastritis, bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, depression, neurosis, nervous disorders. Cats brighten up the loneliness, soothe, reduce blood pressure. Their aura stabilizes the heart, joint and relieves headaches, stimulates rapid healing of injuries, cures internal inflammatory diseases.

Exactly, cats have an amazing ability to go to the place of the body where there was “an issue”. A cat feels when you are angry or when you face a heart attack. Her obsessive affection I warn you: your power system fails, it’s time to take the medicine.

Research by American scientists has found that the purr of domestic cats is not just a pleasant sound, and effective method of treatment! Cats purr occurs at a frequency between 22 and 44 Hertz, and the vibration at this frequency accelerate the process of cell regeneration. It is noteworthy that this frequency also improves the state of human bone tissue. Therefore, communication with domestic cats actually improves the condition.

Cats treat people with mental illness, patients undergoing rehabilitation after injuries, fully or partially immobilized, drug treatment clinics. Very popular method of “chocolatine” in boarding schools for children with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Feathered friends give energy, optimism infect, tone. Watching them is a great remedy for depression and nervous disorders. Melodious voice of birds beneficial effect on the psyche. Are recommended in myocardial infarction, neurasthenia, neurodermatitis, heart disease.

The aquarium is excellent remedy for epilepsy, hypertension, hysteria, angina pectoris, treatment and prevention of any neurological disorders. From the contemplation of the fish we get emotional discharge and a feeling of calm.

Pets and children

Four-legged friends have a beneficial effect on the health and psyche of children. According to the results of studies conducted by pediatricians of the University of Munich, children who from the first months of life had contact with Pets less likely to suffer asthma and allergies. There are cases where Pets have helped to cure children with mental retardation.

The dog is a gentle and sociable creature, and quickly wins the love of children. It is movable and is constantly ready to play. For children under three years old dog is the best live toy. Preschool children already consciously communicate and pranks with a dog. After nine years the age of the child, the dog contributes to the development of a good relationship, and as a teenager becomes an effective caregiver, rescues from possible emotional discomfort and strengthens the psyche of its owner.

Cats are more independent animals, and communication with them will contribute to the development of the autonomy of the child and respect the personalities of others.

For kid and pet have become really good friends, they need to trust each other. In advance explain to the child that four-legged friend should be treated carefully and should not be neglected.

Communication with Pets allows us to maintain a connection with nature. Caring for your pet, walking and playing with him, you are treating your disease, boost immunity, gets a full therapy session and return a feeling of fullness of life!

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