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Exotic Pets. Lizards.
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Russian club German shepherd

Now is a fierce debate between proponents of natural food and dry food supporters. And those, and others give good examples from their own experience and good examples from the experience of someone else.

For people who have dogs a lot, question to feed dogs dry food or to cook porridge is not necessary. It is physically impossible to cook every day meals for 6-10 dogs, and some owners even more. Dry food is more economical and more convenient. You can feed adult dogs once a day.

For fans of yum-yum treat beloved dog there is nothing more fun cooking a food for her. However, quite often, fans of homemade food can’t properly balance a dog’s diet, and provoke she has a metabolic disorder. Therefore, you should make a few comments.

The dog is not a horse, her digestive system is not adapted to the digestion of vegetable food, as the horse is not able to digest meat. In widely published books on dog breeding are mainly the diets developed in the 30-ies. These rations are 90% of the kas. They were designed to power a Treasury of dogs, their main advantage is cheapness. In modern conditions of feeding with natural food is costly than feeding dry. It should include meat and meat offal, fish, vegetables, fruits,herbs. Added to the diet of porridge made from groats expensive. Of cereals should be excluded oatmeal, semolina, pearl barley, not to be fond of millet and barley porridge. The best option is buckwheat, and sometimes rice. Meat for dogs (beef) is better to buy a sinewy – flank, trimmings. It is much more useful clippings. To give the meat should be moist, it should be from trusted source.

Do not feed dogs pork, very fatty meat. Lamb is also not recommended. It is impossible to give river fish, is of no benefit Pollack. Recommended cod. Very useful kefir. Milk can be given only pricessee. Useful cottage cheese. Recommended without restrictions to give the dog vegetables and fruits. Natural products don’t contain the necessary for a fast growing puppy the amount of mineral substances and trace elements. So be sure to add in food mineral and vitamin supplements.

Feed dogs can and dry food. If it is quality and suits the dog, the dog is gaining very good shape. It is also relevant to make a few comments.

In any case, you should not buy food in bulk. In most cases, sellers are trying to get rid of expired food, and sometimes even under the guise of a quality product sell fake.

Many people think that the more protein in the diet, the better. This is not so. The protein content in the feed dogs must not exceed 26 % (24 %), pups – 30 % (28%). High protein feed may be good for Rottweilers or Dobermans, but German shepherds they are even harmful. Increased protein content may lead, ironically, to a delay of growth, reduction of bone, hair.

Also need to check the ratio of calcium/phosphorus. When phosphorus deficiency worse absorb calcium. An overabundance of phosphorus (phosphorus poisoning) may lead to incorrect formation of the nervous system, in particular, pathological cowardice. The excess of phosphorus suffer from feed produced fish.

It is not recommended to use dry feeds, which are produced under license from us or in Eastern Europe. They are several orders of magnitude worse than its prototype. Even our local feed better license.

When feeding dry food be sure that the bowl held fresh water. In winter open-air cages instead of water, you should put the snow. Even when feeding dry food the dog is useful to give the vegetables and fruits. Once a week you can give to chew raw bone cartilage. She cleans formed by feeding dry food on the enamel Tartar.

Sometimes, when dogs are evident typical signs of protein poisoning when feeding high protein food, should be a couple of weeks to switch to a vegetable stew or, at least, on diet dry food. When feeding dry food the dog digests in 3-4 times smaller amount of food, and it is enough 300-400 grams.

When in various books show a specific menu dog or puppy with a specific weight of feed in each feeding, this should not be treated too seriously. Each dog has their metabolism, as in humans. One eats a lot and thin, the other bare and bold. Therefore, every dog needs to pick up your food volume. To govern only the end result: the dog is losing weight – need to add food, becomes thick – cut down on the diet.

The puppy should be quite plump, but his back must not SAG due to excess weight. Sagging back the puppy then it is very hard to fix. Dry food in this sense has at least one distinct advantage – the dog gets the opportunity to eat much less food, and it does not droop after eating stomach.

For an adult dog the amount of food depends on the season. In the winter, especially for dogs kept in cages, it is necessary to increase the amount of food can even be placed on a more nutritious food. In the summer, in hot weather many dogs at some time generally refuse to feed. The surest criterion of the number required for the feed dogs is it the fatness. Focus is mainly on the appearance of the dog, not printed on each bag of feed table of the approximate amount of feed per kilogram of body weight.

There is no need to boil water for the dog. She has a strong immune system, and it is easy to cope with the water contained in the usual bacteria. Problems may arise for another reason. It is often possible to observe how with the best food a pup can not get in shape. He has a dull coat, it loses its backbone. If you start to understand, in most cases the fault is water.

To the most unpleasant consequences may result, for example, excessive iron content in water. So before you give the dog water from a well or wells, it is necessary to do chemical analysis of water. If necessary to put a filter. In extreme cases, have for the dog to carry water. Water should be treated extremely seriously. She can really contribute to the violation of proper metabolism.

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