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Interesting facts about Siamese cats

Siamese cats, in addition to graceful appearance, are intelligent, playful and loyal Pets. This breed has many unique characteristics, and they are one of the most recognizable cats in the world, thanks to the exotic color and vigor. Siamese cats have a long body, beautiful almond-shaped blue eyes, large ears and wedge-shaped muzzle. They have a short silky coat with dark points – markings.

1. Siamese cat is an ancient breed

Like most cat breeds, the true origin of Siamese cats is shrouded in mystery. Some argue that these cats were the Pets of kings . others believe that they were raised by Buddhist monks.

When members of the Royal family died, it was believed that the Siamese cat has received their soul. The cat was transferred to the temple, she and the rest of your life spent in luxury under the care of the monks.

Thai manuscript “Poems cat books” you can find the first description of cats with darker color on the extremities, made between the 14th and 18th centuries . This suggests that the Siamese cat is a very old breed, even if we don’t know where it came from.

2. Siamese cats appeared first on major world cat show

When Siamese cats were first introduced on cat show in England in 1871, describing them as “an unnatural, nightmare kind of cats, unique and elegant with smooth skin and ears, painted at the ends black, and blue eyes with red pupils”. Later, they became one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

Description Siamese cats

3. A Siamese cat was once a lazy tail with the crease at the end

Many Siamese cats once had a curved tail and strabismus . Cat breeders believed these features are undesirable and are gradually eliminated through selection. According to legend, Siamese cats were assigned to guard a gold Cup of the king. The cat so much he grasped the Cup by the tail that it became curved, and so long looked, that the pupils of her eyes lost focus.

Still you can occasionally find Siamese cats with strabismus or with a curved tail.

4. A Siamese cat was a larger body and more rounded snout

Originally, Siamese cats had a great body and the face was round rather than triangular. However, in the middle of the 20th century cat breeders preferred the more pronounced silhouette, and gradually grew more slender, thin-boned cats that we are used to seeing now.

Updated the breed can be seen at cat shows, but many experts on breeding continue to grow Siamese kittens with a more traditional appearance. The international cat Association also recognizes the breed Thai with old-type appearance.

5. Their paws and ears thermo

Have you ever wondered why Siamese cats have light fur and a darker color on the paws, ears and face? This is due to the enzymes sensitive to temperature. thanks to the dark color appears on the cooler parts of the body pale and still on the warm parts . Siamese kittens are born with completely white fur and dark tips appear from them that they turn a few months.

The color of Siamese cats

6. The marks can be different colors

Initially recognized only Siamese cats with dark brown markings – colour, known as seal point . Today also recognized as Siamese cats with different color markings, including blue, chocolate and lilac .

7. The Siamese cat was the fattest cat in the world.

The Guinness book of records does not maintain records of the most protective animals in the world, because the representatives don’t want to encourage people overfeeding their Pets. However, Siamese Cathy could qualify for this title in 2003. Ural cat 5 years from Asbest in Russia given hormones to subdue her communicate with cats, which she developed a remarkable appetite. In the end, her weight had reached 23 kg . items heavier than 6-year-old child.

The average weight of a male Bengal cat reaches 5-7 kg and females 3.5 to 5.5 kg .

8. Siamese cats once thwarted a conspiracy

In the 1960s, two Siamese cats in the Embassy of Netherlands in Moscow, Russia sensed something was wrong. Employees noticed that the cat suddenly woke up and arched his back, scratching the wall. Experts have suspected that Pets excited heard the noise, which is not able to catch the ear of the person. The study found 30 hidden spy microphones hidden in the wall.

9. Siamese cat once gave birth to 19 kittens

One day, August 7, 1970-the year the Burmese/Siamese cat from Oxfordshire in the UK gave birth to 19 kittens. Unfortunately four of them were born dead. A Siamese cat is usually about 4-6 kittens. Large litter of kittens has become the largest litter of domestic cats in the world.

10. A Siamese cat has a poetic name in the Motherland

The birthplace of Siamese cats is Thailand, where they are called ” moon diamond “.

How many live Siamese cats?

Siamese cats are among the centenarians. Life expectancy is 15-20 years . and sometimes longer.

The nature of Siamese cats

Siamese cats are very intelligent, curious and susceptible cats.

Often they behave more like dogs than cats. These cats often become attached to one person and follow him everywhere. Siamese cat saves child and playful nature, they are very active and energetic .

These cats don’t like to have long ignored. They are perfect for people who love socializing and activity. Siamese cats get along with children and other Pets.

Siamese cats demand attention . they will wail, and their behavior can be destructive if they don’t get attention.

Remember that Siamese cats are quite loud Pets . They can whine and scream if they want something. However, they are smart and easily trained to understand simple commands.

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