Exotic Pets. Lizards.
Lizards ( Lacertilia ) — suborder of squamates order of the class reptiles. The suborder of lizards is not biologically definable category, and includes all those species that do not…

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How to choose a pet?
At some point you decide to have a pet. It is wonderful when at home you are met by a pet. But how to make the right choice? Who better…

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How to choose a pet?
At some point you decide to have a pet. It is wonderful when at home you are met by a pet. But how to make the right choice? Who better…

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Unusual Pets. TOP 10

Some people like the house keep the dog, others prefer cats, third like parrots. But there are some unique instances, which prefer unusual Pets . For example, in Australia one lady every day walking his crocodile, in England a man goes on the train with his deer, and a family from South Africa actually got a giraffe.

What unusual Pets are there? Learn from today’s rating.

So, 10th place. Piranha.

This unusual pet is definitely not for the faint of heart. Piranhas don’t even hesitate to eat the hand that feeds them.

In nature, the alligator tries not to catch the eye of the piranha. Because these fish eat any living creature that gets in their way.

The teeth of the piranha fish as sharp as a razor. It is not easy to bite your finger or a stick.

So only experienced hobbyists will be able to cope with this unusual pet.

9-th place. Tarantulas.

Despite popular belief, as a rule, they are not dangerous to humans.

By the way, popular Italian dance “Tarantella” was due to an old belief. Previously considered, if the person bitten by the tarantula, then it certainly appears the disease called “tarantism”. And to avoid this, one must canceuation the fiery music up until finally exhausting and not fall from fatigue.

As an unusual pet tarantula unpretentious. Its favorite food – insects.

8-th place. Miniature kangaroo.

It is affectionate, playful and mischievous unusual Pets .

They often eat the leaves of shrubs and grass. Interestingly, miniature kangaroos are active at night and during the day prefer to relax. So if You are a night owl, this is an unusual pet will be Your good friend.

7-th place. The Madagascar hissing cockroach.

This is one of the largest cockroaches in the world, their length sometimes reaches 10 cm.

These unusual Pets have one unique ability: they know how to hiss like a snake. They need this for their roach internal relations (for example, competition for mates) and deter predators.

These insects are easy to feed, maintain and most importantly, they don’t smell. And they don’t need to walk. And their favourite food is carrots and bananas.

The only way to protect the skunk is his poghosova iron, which has a terribly unpleasant smell. He disappears from a few months to a year.

But somehow experienced hunters are able to catch skunks, while removing their “weapons”. After that, the skunk is a great unusual pet . To tame it as easily as a cat.

And on the 5th place is the sugar flying possum (Sugar gliders).

These unusual Pets are very curious, playful and extremely smart. They live about 15 years.

The opossums are very social animals, so if you decide to have this animal, take just a few. Because of the loneliness of opossums often begins depression.

This amazing animal is very beautiful and peaceful. And flying was famous for his unusual skill – jump in the possum can fly a distance of 50 meters! And all thanks to a thin layer of skin that connects the front and rear paws of the possum.

4-th place. The horned frog.

To care for her as the unusual pet is very easy, even despite the fact that the horned frog is highly voracious. She has a huge mouth (almost half of the total body size) and a huge belly.

She eats every living thing in its path, ranging from crickets and fish to large rats and even their brothers.

Because of this horned frog is often called PacMan the iconic computer game.

3-e a place. Hermit crab.

This is a very unusual and spectacular family pet. He is not aggressive and totally unpretentious in the content. Eats fruits, vegetables, boiled rice and other products of plant origin.

Not so long ago, new Zealand scientists have invented a special glass shells which make it possible to thoroughly examine the life of this unusual pet . Scientists say that it is enough just to put in the aquarium such a “glass house”, and a week later a hermit crab in it voluntarily moving on.

2-nd place. Pot-bellied pigs.

These unusual Pets are easily trained. They are affectionate, curious and very smart. Many people say that pot-bellied pigs are even smarter than dogs.

But future owners of these unusual Pets, remember that time the cute piglets grow up in a rather large pigs.

1st place. Stick.

This is one of the most popular insects that love to keep as a pet .

It refers to the order phasmatodea and has a unique ability – the amazing stick insect is able to camouflage in the environment. For example, if You will know that the Bush a stick, to find it You are unlikely to succeed.

It feeds on leaves and twigs of wild rose, raspberry, BlackBerry and oak.

All fans of this insect in the winter I have to stock up on food (to freeze the leaves and dry twigs).

Pets — animals that live with man and which it contains, providing them with shelter and food. Pets bring the person favor, or as a source of material goods and…


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