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How to take care of animals?
The role of Pets in people's lives is huge. And although their contents requires the expenditure of time and Finance, all these efforts abundantly repaid by the love they give…

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Dog for home security
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Most small Pets (mammals)

Most human homes are not conducive to maintaining large domestic animals, so small Pets are in high demand. Small size animals are tolerate housing content and not take up much space.

Ferret or domesticated ferrets . appeared a long time ago. Externally, the ferret is almost identical with the ordinary wild ferrets. they also retained the habits and instincts of their ancestors. Animals have small ears and eyes, long neck, small head, tail covered with sparse hairs. Domestic ferrets can reach a length of 50 cm, but no more. Females less than 40 cm In size ferret inferior to many Pets, including most breeds of cats .

Pig in the house, why not? Of course, not a simple domestic pig, specially bred dwarf, so-called mini-pig . These little pigs in adulthood do not exceed a length of 35 cm (20-35). Weigh mini-Pigi, about 8-12 kg. They were derived by crossing wild boars and domestic pigs. It is also interesting that the mini-Pigi cleanly. and do not cause allergies. Dwarf pigs has already captured the hearts of Europeans, Americans and even the Russians, despite the cost to $ 1,000 per young pig.

Homemade chinchilla attracted to the small size and the quality of its fur. Wool from these animals is soft, thick, pleasant to the touch. Their length body 20-35 cm and a weight of about 400-700 grams. Distinguish between short-tailed and long-tailed chinchillas. For both types of characteristic blue-gray color of wool. It is interesting that, unlike other rodents. chinchillas live up to 20 years.

Decorative rabbit rock “Fox sheep”

Ornamental (dwarf) rabbits also can be safely attributed to small Pets. Today there are more than 45 recognized breeds. but not all of them are widespread in the world. Among the smallest representatives of the dwarf rabbits can distinguish the American lop-eared rabbit, whose weight is 1.6-1.8 kg, British miniature rabbit weighing approximately 1.1 kg and a Dutch rabbit with a similar weight. The body length of the named species does not exceed 28 cm.

Proteins – an unusual, very intelligent Pets. Contain them at home not so often, but still they deserve attention, as they are among the smallest Pets. Body length of Mature proteins of about 19-28, see the Fluffy tail is long, approximately 2/3 the length of the body. The ears are also long, with tassels. Proteins demanding conditions animals may, so they are not so popular.

Rosette (Abyssinian) Guinea pig

Guinea pigs are popular Pets. They are outgoing, gentle, good-natured and curious creatures. They have sizes small: body length depends on the breed. but in average about 25 cm and a weight of about 1-1,5 kg. Guinea pigs quite demanding on the food. In addition, they need to pay much attention. But is the time spent with beloved Pets, for owners not happiness?

Rats are one of the most intelligent and smallest animals on the planet, including among Pets. The body length of adult rats is about 20 cm (without tail). The tail is long, hairless. Rats have high intelligence, they are capable to surprise the hosts with their intelligence every day, and it does not require complex care.

African pygmy hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris)

African pygmy hedgehogs – the smallest representatives of pet hedgehogs. Their body is hidden under a thick, sharp, dark spines, total length of 15-20 cm they Weigh for this size of a little – 300-500 grams. Hedgehogs are intelligent and active animals. They are not averse to run in the wheel or tunnel. When properly powered these interesting little animals can delight owners about 4-7 years.

Degu is a small animal of the rodent family. For these animals the characteristic body length is of the order of 10-18 cm, well defined wedge-shaped head, small ears and eyes, rather plain rough wool. The tail degu covered with stiff short hairs, at the tip of a brush (the long hairs). In the nature degu is considered a pest because it eats crops, and in captivity – cute and funny animals.

Gerbils often confused with the common decorative mice. however, gerbils later. These rodents are not only color, but also behavior, and also they require other conditions. Gerbils have a body length of about 10-12 cm, thin tail has a similar length. Adults weigh about 100-120 g. Gerbils are social animals, so it is advisable to provide the company of fellow gerbils and to create conditions close to natural. In this case, the animals live longer and better tamed.

Hamsters – cute and funny creatures. The most common in the world four types of pet hamsters:the Syrian. Jungar. ordinary and roborovsky hamsters. The smallest among them are the Djungarian hamsters. The length of their body only 6-10 cm Hamsters are easy to care for, also for them it is interesting to observe, but do not forget that these animals are nocturnal, and they can make noise in the dark.

Decorative white mouse

Decorative mouse – the smallest Pets. The length of their body without a tail does not exceed 8 cm Mouse smart, savvy, funny. They are ready to play all day, with breaks, of course, on sleep and food. For these little rodents are always interesting to watch. These active Pets are popular, along with rats and hamsters.

It is also worth noting that the miniature cat breed is a breed of Napoleon . Adult cats have the size of a three-month kitten, rodellega from a simple domestic cat. And the smallest breed of dog – Chihuahua . Her grown specimens can fit in the glass.

Most small Pets have a special charm. They seem so fragile and charming, and they always want to take care of. Despite the modest size, these animals have big hearts.

Pets — animals that live with man and which it contains, providing them with shelter and food. Pets bring the person favor, or as a source of material goods and…


Dog for home security
Security at home is a serious task, and, despite the emergence of new security systems, many are not in a hurry to replace a dog "smart" electronic devices. The choice…