Flying squirrel, Fox, skunk, kangaroos, and capybaras, which live in somebody else's home.
Today's selection of fluffy news devoted to the most unusual Pets in the world. Most of us gets home for cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots or fish. But not these people.…

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The most unusual Pets

Have been dreaming to have a pet, but dogs-cats-fish has become boring, and want something unusual? Exotic? Specially for you the First Music channel has collected the most wonderful creatures from around the world who might become your friends. Here at the Salvador Dali, by the way, the house lived a giant anteater. And you whom want more — the little Coon or Armadillo?

1) Short the flying squirrel

Differently it is called “sugar marsupial flying squirrel”. While in the air they can soar as much as 45 meters, jumping, say, from one tree to another. However awake such little joy only at night. Nuance two: day on she does not love enough, and at night, most likely, will not allow me to sleep. Else you need to throughout the house were placed the trees (many, albeit artificial, but branches). So that’s a handful. But what a joy it is big!

Not so bloodthirsty, predatory insect, as it may seem at first glance. Quite the contrary! Let’s see what furry, fuzzy. And people not attacking. Almost.

This is a very cute little girl it feeds on insects and plants. And they live more than 40 years. By the way, Paris Hilton is such a wonderful animal. Biting her a couple of times — had to go to the hospital. But in General, is goodness itself!

Well, why wouldn’t we? Not too prickly,not too dangerous. And the animal is calm, quiet, peaceful (just don’t touch once again.) However, much like stomp. So Hello, fun night!

Yeah, ran the Salvador Dali fashion in 1969. Want the same dear? Wallow on your laptop, ask to eat (and Yes, they do eat insects), and will not allow itself to stroke too long — well, they do not like these chicken-hearted.

Well, very unpretentious and all conditions satisfied animals. You need to get away for a few weeks? Yes, please! It will go into hibernation. So don’t need them solely as a delicacy to perceive. Snail, incidentally, also can be to man.

Yeah, the emotion at the sight of these charming animals is through the roof. But do not forget that they are predators. Better to think a hundred times I. once to buy a raccoon. Or not to buy? Well, the pros-the weight: and friends you can brag, and provided a good mood. But the disadvantages are not few. For example, raccoons may Wake up one morning in a militant mood and attack its owner. And that outweighs the pros or cons?

Intelligent, affectionate, and attention — neat! In General, the domestic pig. Neat pet pig. Take?

By the way, they’re not that smelly. Used his secret weapon just in case of danger. Well, when someone is very tired. It is really hard, but if you really love, hold on!

You name something don’t look, don’t! The Armadillo is a creature of peace, meek, kind and a little vulnerable. Well, and requires care not anyhow, and that it clearly and accurately, there is a manual. But worth it. Admit it, Pat would have wanted?

This beauty will absolutely spit on you. Only feed and do not touch once again. That is all. It is not clear that it attracts, but it attracts something. I especially love the Imperial view, which, as you know, already on the verge of extinction. Beings are independent and strong, just to warn you. Ready to such joy?

Yes, cat, but wild cat. Wild! Home to the vast North and Central America. To teach the wonder of the animal and the cloud in his mind all predatory instincts, you need to wean him from his mother before he eyes open. Otherwise, domestic cat ocelot no longer be. However, the habits of a true predator last a lifetime. Dangerous kitty. But so cute!

Rodent giant size. Melanie Typaldos from Texas, was vacationing in Venezuela and saw the capybara, realized it was fate. Purchased and never about his decision not regretted. And live together, and travel, and lives rejoice. Beauty!

Well, of course, ignore these cutest animals we simply could not. Not exotic, of course, but agree that this is unusual: with a monkey to be friends. But just know that without work does not remain — come and have a play. By the way, monkeys require constant attention — the owners are terrible! Jealous will be to all. To everything. Ready?

I think the fantasy? Well there is the aardvark, but the bison! But to the family of Sautner the real reality. He lives in the house. Right in their home. And a lot of hassle, but I love him madly — spoiled already. Bailey is the name of bison, many times broken and doors and walls in the house.

Seriously. Bear. Tame bear. Of course, at first it was a normal wild bear, but after he was rescued from death (it was in Pakistan), he decided to stay with the rescuers and became tame. Admit it, you too bear want. Just please, don’t eat out of his bowl and sleep on his bed. No kidding. This animal, Oh, how you need personal space!

These beauties capricious nature, interesting habits, but, more importantly, the appearance — many colors! And can be manual, as you can see. However, you have to try. To seriously try.

In a world of very few people who managed to train it is severe in character and lifestyle of the animal. For example, a resident of Lagos, Nigeria decided the teeth of your pet you should check. With this handsome appearing on streets and squares. Accurately say, with unusual animals will not be lost.

Yes, and it happens. However, this lady had to file your pet teeth during fun games he several times broke her arm. But it’s stuff. Look better what kind of idyll. That and look, will purr.

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