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How to choose a pet?

At some point you decide to have a pet. It is wonderful when at home you are met by a pet. But how to make the right choice? Who better to have as a pet?

Independent stately representative of the cat family, or an active dog, wagging its tail merrily at the sight of you. Maybe you are fond of exoticism and enticing you tropical iguanas. furry lemurs Laurie. the flower bears kinkajou and similar exotic “curios”?

The choice of a pet

Currently there are so many options that it’s really difficult to make a choice. Today we will try to consider the pros and cons of several species of animals.

Choosing dog

The dog will approach people active and strong-willed. Since dogs need to devote time for walks and training. There are so many different breeds that it is difficult to unambiguously determine the purchase of the puppy.

In order you could choose the suitable breed is important to clearly realize for what purposes you acquire the dog.

If your dream is a sofa dog, you’ll like a tiny Chihuahua. Yorkshire Terrier or fluffy the Pomeranian. They are easier to contain in urban apartments with small size.

Biautomatic in life when you want to escape from everyday worries. The best way as a sport with the family pet is not found. If you like outdoor activities you can try together with your pet in competitions in agility or Frisbee. These sports designed specifically for dogs and their owners. In agility and Frisbee are proven such breeds as the Shetland Sheepdog. Chinese crested dog and the border collie.

Maybe you need a caretaker for a country house or Villa? Then pay attention to such breeds as the Siberian husky. the Shar Pei. the German shepherd dog or Alabai. They naturally have remarkable protective qualities. Just don’t forget to arrange for your tailed friends a spacious aviary.

If you are not going to participate in exhibitions, you can take a dog from a shelter. In big cities a lot of them. No one immediately forces you to make choices. You have the opportunity to come to you like a puppy, play with him, feed and walk. There, you can better look at the dog, learn the peculiarities of her nature.

Remember that the dog is dependent on humans, it needs constant attention and care of the master. Therefore, it is not recommended to get a puppy to people and busy individuals who travel a lot. She’s going to miss the owner and can get sick. So before you start barking with a devotee friend count your opportunities.

Choice of the cat

The choice of a cat no less complex a process than purchasing a dog. Each specimen its own unique temperament. It all depends on the breed qualities of character.

We list several kinds of cat breeds:

The Maine Coon is a large specimen, up to 15 pounds.

Persian is an ancient and very popular breed, has a long, thick coat and snub nose.

Exotic – Shorthair version of the Persian.

Munchkin is a unique species, created by natural mutations. Due to short legs it is called cat – Dachshund.

Scottish fold – cute plush cat with curled ears.

Savannah is one of the most rare and expensive animals.

But in the content of the cats there are both pros and cons. Talk more about that.

The drawback in the content of cat can be:

Some cats in a certain period of time like to put labels all over the apartment. And some even poop.

Cute pussies often sharpen their sharp claws on your favorite sofa.

It is very frustrating when played as a pet in the gambling mood jumping on the curtains and climbs on the table.

The pluses for the acquisition of cats are:

They do not need long walks several times a day.

They do not need to teach the commands.

They are not not much noise, this is an important quality in the city apartments.

It is easier to find overexposure during a long departure.

Your home will be protected from penetration of rodents.

These animals have a rather independent nature. Cats are well suited to people who prefer intellectual and passive recreation at home. As well as single and elderly people.

Exotic animals

For most people the choice of pet is reduced to arguing about who’s better, dogs or cats. But, some connoisseurs of the exotic increasingly thinking about purchasing an unusual, rare animal.

Before acquiring an exotic pet think carefully. Will you be able to provide the necessary animal care. Do you have any conditions for its maintenance? Or your goal is to brag to your friends strange beast? Give yourself a clear answer to these questions, only then you can seriously think about buying “exotic”.

If you do decide to buy exotic animals, it is important to understand what type of animal suits you better. There is a great variety of exotic animals suitable for living in the house as Pets. We list several of them:

Reptiles. This group includes various types of lizards, turtles, snakes and small crocodiles.

Primates. This includes the suborders lemuroid, Arievich and some other small monkeys.

Arachnid. The most popular members of the species — tarantulas and Scorpions.

Rodents. As Pets are more common chinchilla, flying squirrels, gerbils.

So, the choice is yours. It doesn’t matter who you prefer; cats, dogs or exotic animals. It is important to know that a pet is not a toy, and not a showpiece. It is a living being, care and protect. Remember, we are responsible for those who tamed!

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