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Unusual Pets: the most amazing Pets

The desire to have a pet common in almost all people. But if the majority gets cats, dogs or hamsters, some in the apartments has unusual Pets. Sometimes these Pets – a tribute to fashion, sometimes the desire to stand out, and sometimes a sign of non-standard preferences of the owners. And although the care for these animals can be difficult, many people prefer to make this exotic Pets.

As Pets raccoons often give birth in America, where these animals are widely distributed. Charming Bumpkin with a touching expression of a muzzle and prehensile fingers conquered many hearts. Raccoons are exceptionally intelligent creatures, and they are interesting to talk. In addition, they are soft and fluffy – qualities that many believe almost main for Pets. Raccoons are easily accustomed to the tray and undemanding to food.

The intelligence of raccoons, however, sometimes owners don’t like. These animals love to Unscrew everything that falls into the hands of them. And rinsing various objects in the water is a true vocation raccoon. So that the pranksters need to be watched. If to hurt the raccoon, he behaves like a cat, that is revenge. For example, cuts off the Wallpaper on the walls. And raccoons can bite and behave inappropriately, poetului not to make them, if in the house there are children.

Charming little piggies. Fashion mini some miniature pigs to doghill arose a couple of decades ago, and sing this day these small animals very popular. Pigs are very intelligent, affectionate, they become accustomed to humans.

In the pig it is impossible to determine to what size he will grow. So often the hosts were also some miniature pigs to doghill confronted with the fact that their baby grows to the size of a full pig. What to do in such a situation, everyone decides for himself. Someone send their pet again, somebody gives friends living in their own home. In a city apartment to keep a pig is almost impossible – even the most educated animal to the content in such circumstances is not appropriate.

Iguanas today – not so exotic, these spectacular lizards are sold in any pet store. They look original and attract attention immediately, if you go with such a pet on the street, for example. The care of these reptiles is also not too complicated. But on a close spiritual relationship with the lizard can not count the animal will decorate the house, but not another owner. Although the owners of these reptiles claim that their Pets know and even rejoice in their appearance.

The plant itself, and some crocodiles. Of course, the preference is given not the biggest representatives of this breed, but young alligators have sharp teeth and can be dangerous. You should not have such Pets, if the house has children. And adults should be careful with crocodiles – do not forget that these predators cope with larger prey.

The giant water hogs came up (capybaras), ferrets, various lizards, chinchillas – animals, which rarely live at home rarely, but it happens. But sometimes people give birth and it is really exotic Pets. For example, in one South African family as a pet lived the house Hippo, weighing more than two tons. The orphaned baby Hippo rescued from the crocodiles, and took in the house that he grew up. But the animal was so attached to the owners that leave their house refused. Only upon reaching ten years of age left the animal foster parents and went to relatives, but still came daily to visit the people who saved him.

Most often, exotic animals are becoming Pets as a result of random coincidence. People are saving orphans from certain death and are forced to take them. However, sometimes seemingly not adapted to life in the house the animals the owners have quite deliberately. For example, one canadian family got a Buffalo. Before the middle-aged married couple had a home with the Buffalo, who died in an accident 11 of the most ironic accidents . Instead it was decided to have a Buffalo. Animal runs around the house and loves to ride in the car, but to the toilet to teach him and failed, so the owners always look at your feet, moving from room to room. Door bison also did not recognize the animal that size just blows all the obstacles in its path.

Complexity of content exotic animal

Not all animals feel well in captivity. If cats and dogs for thousands of years live near humans and became quite tame, but other Pets are not. Some of them are not tamed. For example, it is impossible to tame an owl: although after the release of the books about Harry Potter, many began to have these birds, fashion, this quickly passed, because those birds didn’t want to be friends with their owners. Reptiles are also not tamed: don’t expect that they will respond to affection or to actually show love to his owner.

Many exotic animals require special conditions, and in a city apartment, they feel bad, sick and wasting away. Medical care for unusual Pets can be difficult. The veterinarians, “old-hand” on the treatment of canine and feline diseases can not well understand the diseases of capybaras, raccoons or alligators.

Finally, difficulties with feeding. Most exotics require a special diet, foods that can be not easy to find away from the places of abode of beasts. So, even zoos refuse the content of koalas, because they can not provide them with suitable food. Private owners of unusual animals unusual animals of the world: unknown nature have even more difficult. Of course, not all animals demanding food, many satisfied and surrogates, but before you purchase an unusual pet, is to find out all the information about the care and assessment of their capabilities in this regard.

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