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Dog for home security

Security at home is a serious task, and, despite the emergence of new security systems, many are not in a hurry to replace a dog “smart” electronic devices. The choice of breeds and raising dogs for home security is becoming of paramount importance. Of course, the protection of the territory the dog considers his, to some extent instinctive need, but some dog breeds are more prone to defend their territory, others are more peaceful, some dogs are aggressive toward members of their own species and will wag her tail at the sight of man. Question what kind of dog to choose for the protection of families with children, or with the prospect of their occurrence requires special attention — even if the dog will not be in contact with children and fulfil the role of “babysitter”, it is better to choose a breed, loyal to children and provide trouble between dogs with children in dog training.

What kind of dog to choose for protection

It is believed that the best dogs for protection — representatives of large breeds, powerful, strong, often angry, in General, is able to protect its master and his property encroached on him from the villains. Usually these are representatives of the true shepherd (bred for herding) and Moloss. It is difficult to say how true Vyborg as a dog for the protection of large rocks. Of course, a large dog looks impressive, one of its kind showing that to encroach on its territory is unsafe. But it requires decent diet, sufficient living space, in need of motor activity and very serious work on education, differently from other guards, your dog will turn into a monster terrorizing all home, and, most likely, it will end a sleep — in the best case, before it will cause someone a serious injury. If You are ready the dog to provide, feel free to choose:

German shepherd . which is not only a very trainable breed and has a great memory, but good with children. Dogs of this breed are quite undemanding, however, need physical activity and the person’s attention. But if You want to keep mental and physical and working qualities of such dogs, do not plant the German shepherd on a chain.

The giant Schnauzer . which apart from their excellent protective qualities has a great gentleness and patience with children. Besides the need of physical activity the difficulty in the content is to grooming.

Caucasian shepherd dog . she,despite entrenched attitudes about the aggressiveness, endowed with great love and devotion to his master and love for the children. Another advantage of the breed is undemanding to the length of the paddock a half to two hours of active movement per day the dog will be enough to maintain the shape. For the maintenance of normal mentality and working qualities are not allowed to chain the content. Efforts in education and training will pay off in splendid working qualities of the dog.

The Moscow watchdog . if you have enough time to work on training, which will be devoted not so much to the education of security attributes, which are born at the height of how much the development of obedience and socialization of the dog. The rest of the dog is unpretentious, does not require long walks, although not averse to run and play. Loyalty and protective qualities of the breed on top.

Alabai . which, like Moscow watchdog, Caucasian shepherd dog requires early and consistent socialization and training, with a superb protective qualities. Fairly serene nature allows him to be affectionate with family members, playful with a child, even peacefully coexist with cats, while in training it requires “iron character”, as it refers to the dominant breeds of dogs.

The Tibetan Mastiff . strong, smart, independent and good-natured dog, protective qualities which perfectly coexist with the characteristics of “family dog” and companion. The thick coat allows the dog to sleep in winter in the snow, but he will also appreciate, if you build him a kennel.

Rottweiler . I’ve had only smooth-coated dogs are able to feel good on the street even in winter. The breed combines great quality security guard and bodyguard with a sociable and good-natured character “for her.”

However, the dog to protect private house can be representative of medium breeds, such as the Australian cattle dog is listed in the top ten most intelligent breeds (third in this list are German shepherds). Bred for herding work, they have great protective qualities. Devotion and love to the owner apply to all households, making this breed a great family dog.

Choosing a dog breed for home security, should be equally avoided as “novelties” – a rare, recently imported and fashionable breeds of dogs. First — not only because of the unreasonably high cost which most likely will fall in the next couple of years, but because of lack of information about the characteristics and nature of the breed, he brings a lot of surprises in the cultivation and education. Second — because the high demand for the breed leads to the appearance of mass breeders-Amateurs, and, as a consequence, specimens with more or less preserved exterior with modified or lost behavioural peculiarities inherent to the breed.

Even if a guard dog is well trained and enjoys freedom of movement around the yard, not cramped chain or aviary, there are options in which she was powerless to help the owners. For example, if the criminals broke through the garage facing the street or otherwise got into the house. For internal protection, many people prefer to keep a dog in the house. The breed is not well adapted for street maintenance due to the not enough thick and warm wool, but perfectly performs the function of home guards — American Staffordshire Terrier (amstaff), Doberman, boxer. They are perfectly suitable for a house or apartment and have good protective qualities that can (and should) develop special skills. Describes the qualities of different breeds of dogs protection, not to mention that examines the natural tendency of dogs that in no case do not replace training and education of dogs since the introduction of the puppy in the house.

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