Pets — animals that live with man and which it contains, providing them with shelter and food. Pets bring the person favor, or as a source of material goods and…

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All apostilles look exactly the same? Apostille services.
The goods for the Guinea pigs
Guinea pigs – the animals are quite not fastidious. However, this does not mean that they do not need the care and love of their owners. They are very unusual…

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The goods for the Guinea pigs
Guinea pigs – the animals are quite not fastidious. However, this does not mean that they do not need the care and love of their owners. They are very unusual…

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Dog training, training commands

The training is to develop a hunting dog skills that are needed in everyday life and which facilitate the management of hunting, contribute to the education of her discipline and obedience.

Training is always preceded by the preparation of dogs for hunting and about the same in dogs of different breeds. The prerequisite to successful dog training is uniformity of the supplied commands. You cannot, for example, teaching a dog to lie down, to give various commands: “lie down”, “down”, “lie”, etc.

How to make a team

No less important to observe the following rule: the team that is the signal, has always served before him unconditional support. Thus, teaching your puppy to sit down, first say, “Sit down,” and after 1-2 sec push his rump and pulled the neck back, forcing her to sit down.

A new conditional stimulus is always given previously learned. For example, when teaching young dogs to approach the trainer with the whistle first, give a whistle and after a while a familiar team: “To me”.

The behavior of the trainer, the rewards and punishments of a puppy

The success of the training a young dog largely depends on the behavior of the trainer. When training your puppy need smooth, calm treatment, without irritation, and yelling, and at the same time— discipline, firmness and strict coherence.

For the good performance of the team encourage the puppy with a treat, kind word or a permission to run and play. The punishment should be resorted to in rare cases when, for example, the puppy knows what he wants, but does not want to execute the command.

Punishment for young dogs can serve as a threatening tone of voice, a little slap on the bottom or hit a twig, in an extreme case, whip kick, if the puppy is already big.

It is unacceptable to hit your puppy in a state of irritation, anger to shout at him, to punish for failure to comply with commands if he does not understand what to do.

The sequence of training

Command: “On the spot”

Training young dogs is carried out in such sequence. At the age of six to eight weeks the puppy accustom to the place. After feeding and walks when the puppy is run over, do everything and have the desire to sleep, give the command: “place”, and attribute it prepared for him on the litter or supplied to her.

The puppy after a few days the combination of the words “in place” and laying on the litter produced by the corresponding conditional reflex, and the team he will go on his Mat. At the same time, accustom the puppy to the nickname, saying during feeding.

Command: “Impossible”

At the age of three months young dog to teach the command “no”. Here’s how: before putting the puppy a bowl of food, say: “No”, and a bit holding it, not letting to sit through 10-15 seconds in command, “Take,” and already allowed there. Gradually the length of the delay power increase to 20-30 sec, and at a later age and more.

Command: “come”

Four-month-old puppy can already be trained to approach on command “to me”. It is convenient to do during the game. When the puppy close to the owner, he gives a command: “To me,” and immediately shows you a ball or other object with which the game takes place.

Involved, the puppy runs up and receives a reward or a ball, or a piece of sugar. In the repeated combination of the words “me” and awards for the approach to the owner of the puppy firmly fixed skill of this command.

Command: “Submit”

At the age of four to five months, puppies dogs breeds, huskies and spaniels are trained to serve. And here it is also useful to use the game. Flared hold the dog by the collar and throw a stick or ball.

Then commanded, “Submit,” and it gives a young dog to grab the dropped item, and then call the dog to him and take the stick. After a few lessons the dog begins to show without words “to me”. Between the throw of the stick and the command “place” need to pause; to permit filing is possible only after the command.

Commands: “Sit” and “Lie”

At that age, dogs are taught the command “sit” and “lie”. Them gave the command “sit”, after 2-3 seconds press on the croup of the dog with the left hand while the right hand pulled the collar down, as though reining the animal. As you use this command, the mechanical effect on the dog weakened and then stopped completely.

After the command “lie down” with my right hand on the withers and croup on the left; if the dog lies down, it is placed alternately by pulling the forelegs forward.

What’s next?

When a young dog will reliably perform these techniques of training, taught her to do it at a distance of 10-15 meters Later taught the same action for the whistle and, finally, at the gesture. A raised hand is the gesture that replaces the command “down”.

Six dogs are taught to approach the whistle and the hounds on the sound of the horn; seven-month-old puppies are taught the approach to gesture (right hand raised to a horizontal position).

Command: “Close”

At the end of the training eight or nine dogs are trained to walk around. To do this, take her on a leash and saying: “Next”, are to his left. The shoulder of the dog should be near the knee of the owner. If a young dog is faster, again: “Next,” and pull her back; this is done smoothly, but strongly.

You can also Pat a dog rushing forward and sticks his chest. On the first lessons are the dog beside him 20-30 m; this distance gradually increased. Then practice this technique without a leash. When the dog attempts to speed up the move saying: “Next,” and then patting the palm of his left hand on his thigh.

Training dogs to hunting

Preparing for the hunt is called in different ways, depending on breed group of dogs. Hound it will be nagonka. the huskies — nahravanie. the cops and spaniels — nataska, hounds and hunting — pritravka.

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