Children and Pets: comply with safety rules

A pet for a child
Most adults believe that pet for a child is just a toy that will soon get bored. Oddly enough, but mom and dad are not always right. Pet active and…

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Modern dog breeds genetically not associated with the ancestors
An international team of scientists analyzed genetic data of modern dogs based on the assessment of the remains found all over the world, and found that modern breeds genetically have…

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Pets — animals that live with man and which it contains, providing them with shelter and food. Pets bring the person favor, or as a source of material goods and…

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Pets — animals that live with man and which it contains, providing them with shelter and food. Pets bring the person favor, or as a source of material goods and services, or as companions, brightens your leisure. Most Pets are easily propagated. Through breeding, people can control the breeding of domestic animals and signs, which they pass on to their offspring.

Part allowed brings immediate material benefit to the person, for example, as a source of food (milk, meat), material (wool), or performing the operational functions (transportation of goods, security). The second big category is Pets, which occupy the leisure, pleasure and with whom you can communicate. For gorodskaia the concept of “Pets” is often associated with the second category, i.e. “Pets (Pets)”. Animals of the same breed can act in another capacity. For example, someone breeds rabbits for procurement of meat and fur, and someone holding a rabbit home as a pet.

Pets can be kept in special rooms (barnyard, stables, dog house) but can live and directly in a person’s home. One of those animals that live in the house, some kept in cages, aquariums, terrariums and other “houses”, and other (e.g., cats, dogs, rabbits and even monkeys) are allowed to move freely around the room. Continue reading

How to choose a pet?

At some point you decide to have a pet. It is wonderful when at home you are met by a pet. But how to make the right choice? Who better to have as a pet?

Independent stately representative of the cat family, or an active dog, wagging its tail merrily at the sight of you. Maybe you are fond of exoticism and enticing you tropical iguanas. furry lemurs Laurie. the flower bears kinkajou and similar exotic “curios”?

The choice of a pet

Currently there are so many options that it’s really difficult to make a choice. Today we will try to consider the pros and cons of several species of animals.

Choosing dog

The dog will approach people active and strong-willed. Since dogs need to devote time for walks and training. There are so many different breeds that it is difficult to unambiguously determine the purchase of the puppy.

In order you could choose the suitable breed is important to clearly realize for what purposes you acquire the dog.

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Eye disease of turtles

Quite often turtles are observed in diseases of the eye. Like many other pathologies, they arise from violations of housing and feeding turtles. There are two main clinical manifestations of eye conditions with different pathogenesis, but the same methods of treatment. Infectious diseases paskaljevic: in these States may be mucous discharge from eyes and purulent, resulting from local inflammation and local swelling of the conjunctiva. Turtles often RUB eyes anterior extremity, the eye slit is closed or even glued together by purulent discharge. In these cases it is necessary to wash out eye to keep it opened and keep it in that condition, for applications of antibiotics. This can be done with warm water and a cotton swab. Eye drops the most common in such cases — the p-p powder to be applied twice a day for at least 10 days. As with any other illness, it is necessary to maintain the temperature balance to normalize the immune system during illness and beyond. But some species of turtles is difficult to apply the drops because of anatomical features, such as the leopard tortoise. In this case, injectable antibiotics are prescribed, but such use is less effective than instillation of the reorganization of bacteria from the conjunctival pouches does not occur. Continue reading


Especially dangerous infectious animal diseases – diseases for which characterized by the presence of a specific pathogen, the development cycle, the ability to transmit from infected animal to healthy and take nature of the epidemic.

The wide spread of epizootic process occurs in three forms: sporadic incidence, epidemic, pantote.

Sporidia is the low intensity of the epizootic process is a single or infrequent instances of infectious disease, usually unrelated single source of pathogen infections.

Epizootic – widespread contagious diseases of animals on the farm, district, region, country, characterized by common source of the pathogen, the lesion simultaneity, periodicity, and seasonality. Represents the average degree of intensity (tension) of the epizootic process.

Pansooti the higher the degree of development of the epidemic, it is characterized by an unusually broad spread of infectious disease, covering one state, several countries, the mainland. In recent years examples of such are pansooti bird flu, an intestinal infection of unknown etiology. So, when mass krupnoporistogo disease of cattle spongiform encephalitis in England had to take emergency measures to prevent the infection spread on the European continent: hundreds of thousands of animals were destroyed, the country suffered huge losses, running into billions of dollars. Continue reading